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IndiansInAmerica.com is a secular and non-denominational website that caters not only to people of Indian descent but also to anyone who likes to know more about India as a country and an economic force in the years to come.
IndiansInAmerica.com welcomes everyone to this website.  We are trying to make this website informative so that you don’t have to go to another website for any information regarding Indians in America or dipping into the news and sports that is happening in the homeland.  However, we would like to solicit your input to make this website a great success.  If your place of worship or important news is missing, it was not intentional but we were unaware of it.  Therefore, please forward the information and we will be glad to post it.  Along with the Indian tradition, IndiansInAmerica.com treats everyone equal and will not publish anything that is offensive to anyone; your input will be reviewed by a panel before being cleared for posting.
IndiansInAmerica.com website is maintained by individuals of Indian descent so the focus is not missed in the scheme of things.
We have a page with valuable information for anyone intending to travel to India as a tourist or visit their homeland.  Also, we have a page for Indians or anyone for that reason wishing to come to America.
We hope that your visit to IndiansInAmerica.com is a pleasant and fruitful one.